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Good software for market research must be fast, simple and reliable. This makes all the difference. Thanks to SmartAllies, you can conduct your own online research. Made possible by professional researchers. So you can be sure that everything has been thought of. Smarter together.

You can do a lot yourself with the right tools. As long as the tools are all-in-one, user-friendly and not too expensive. As a user of the of the SmartAllies online research tool by MarketResponse, you have access to all the functionality. Always. No upgrades needed to have full access. The quality is always optimal. And the breakdown of costs is very easy to understand. Choose the maximum number of respondents (5,000, 20,000, 50,000 or unlimited) and you know exactly what to expect.

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Market Research

SmartAllies was developed by the very experienced researchers at MarketResponse. This tool has all the features that you can expect from well-thought-through market research.

Research methods

SmartAllies is a very user-friendly tool for producing and analyzing online questionnaires. Easy to set up and send. With a clear overview of results, that can be easily exported for further analysis.


Professional market research at a low cost, also for tailor-made solutions. Get in touch and we will be happy to explain the possibilities to you.

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