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Optimize customer & employee experiences

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How to succeed in an increasingly digital and competitive environment

The way your customers experience your brand or organization is crucial to success. It’s how you stand out, make an impact and generate desired results. Naturally, your employees play a crucial role. We can help you monitor and analyze every connection and transaction along the customer journey. Giving you the insights needed to optimize every step, together with your employees.

Elevate the customer and employee experience

  • Concrete learnings from conversations with your customers
  • Gain insight into how to increase customer loyalty
  • Gain insight into the status and development of your customer-friendliness
  • Gain insight into the status and development of employee satisfaction
  • Become a stronger employer brand: recruit and retain the right people
  • Content for every touchpoint in the CX and EX
  • Automated, personalized conversations

Continuously monitor and improve your customer experience

The customer defines your success as a brand and organization. And the crucial factor to success is the overall customer experience: online, in-store, in contact with your employees, phone, chat, and in social forums. MarketResponse is the expert – with the technology and the expertise to track and improve the customer (and employee) experience.

  • Gain insight into customer interactions: monitor CX performance across the customer journey
  • See how performance contributes to business results
  • Measure customer and employee satisfaction
  • Access research on the most customer-friendly company in the Netherlands (since 2007)
  • Collaborate with us to develop and strengthen your employer brand
MarketResponse clients

Underlined: the leading CX platform

Today, more and more B2C organizations recognize that customer experience is a critical success factor for survival in an increasingly digital and competitive environment. Marketresponse is the developer of Underlined: an indispensable platform that helps organizations elevate every interaction along every step of the customer journey. We monitor CX performance, providing insight and foresight for your various transactions. Evidencing how your CX initiatives contribute to business results. We call it instant Return on CX.


CX: improve customer loyalty

Naturally, high satisfaction with services and products leads to customer loyalty and retention. It’s also the essential foundation for (increasing) peer to peer reviews and recommendations. MarketResponse conducts customer satisfaction surveys using our in-house and proven tool: Direct Feedback. A system that allows us to continuously measure and monitor results. So – if and when they are anomalies – you’re able to act on them instantly.

The benchmark: Customer-friendliest Company of the Netherlands

Perhaps the most important factor of all in the battle for consumer loyalty is how customer friendly a company is perceived to be. To this end, MarketResponse developed the biggest independent customer friendly research in the Netherlands. For almost twenty years, the report’s annual ranking has long been the benchmark for B2C companies in the Netherlands. The wealth of insights gained over the years also provides your brand with the optimal basis from which to fine tune and elevate your own organization’s customer friendliness – just ask the inventors.


It’s simple: Better EX means better CX

One of the key insights from our customer friendliness and customer experience research is that a good customer experience is impossible without great employees. Your employees are your ambassadors – representing you and delivering on your brand promise on a daily basis. Our specialists will measure your employee satisfaction. Delivering the ideas and tools that elevate your employee experience – resulting in a customer experience that makes all the difference.

Employer branding: data-driven talent recruitment

In today’s overheated job market, your employer brand is invaluable in attracting and recruiting the right people. As well as retaining talent. At MarketResponse we help you develop your employer brand based on consolidated data – from MarketResponse as well your in house sources. From there we’ll show you where and how to connect with your ideal candidates. Our talent recruitment communication experts help you to develop and deliver campaigns that attract the talent your business or organization need.

The most effective content for every touch point

Working closely with your brand positioning, strategy, insights and personas, the creatives at MarketResponse will develop the most fitting solutions for your marketing objectives. From copywriters and podcasters through to video makers, content managers and social media gurus – you’ll have access to a team of experts who create the kind of content and campaigns that cut through: relevant, seo-optimized and conversion-focused.

Automated, personalized conversations

We turn insights into activation through automated, personalized conversations and relevant offers. And with MarketResponse, you know exactly who you’re connecting with and how they’re reacting – every step of the journey.

Keep customers engaged and loyal

Put your people first and you’ll see the results in your customer experience. Data shows us that better employee experience directly correlates with higher customer satisfaction. Especially in today’s competitive online environments, your people are key to keeping customers curious, engaged and loyal.

Gain priceless insights into both your customer and/or employee satisfaction by talking to our experts. Feel free to reach out for a no obligation consultation. Or, leave your contact details and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Find out more about optimizing CX and EX

Request a free consultation here.

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