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& employee experiences

CX and EX are crucial for successful strong brands

The customer experience – or the client journey – is crucial for the success of strong brands and organizations. We follow and analyse all interactions along the client journey while continually helping you to optimize. We track both client satisfaction and employee experience because only motivated personnel will bring your brand values to life authentically.

Underlined is the leading CX-platform

More and more B2C organizations see the customer experience as critical to surviving in an increasingly digital and competitive environment. For these organizations Underlined is an unmissable platform. We monitor your CX presentations throughout the entire customer journey, understand what’s being said about you and measure how your CX- initiatives contribute to your company’s results. We call it ‘Return on CX’!

Client satisfaction: an important aspect determined via CX

Is the client satisfied with a service or product your organization is delivering? A question that’s of course crucial to developing loyal clients, and just as important if you want customers to recommend your brand to others. MarketResponse delivers the expertise and tools – such as Direct Feedback – so that you can continually monitor, adapt and act on unexpected or disappointing reviews.

The best Customer Service Company of the Netherlands as benchmark

In the mission to gain loyalty nothing beats how clients experience personal treatment. For more than fifteen years MarketResponse has carried out independent and continuous research into customer service. Today, the annual ranking of best Customer Service companies is the benchmark when it comes to B2C companies in the Netherlands. The insights that we’ve gathered over the years can also help you increase your customer service. Just ask the innovators!

Without leading EX, leading CX is impossible

One of the most important insights retrieved from research into client satisfaction and customer experience is that a great client experience is near impossible without great personnel. They’re the ambassadors of your brand and live and breathe what you make and represent daily. That is, if everything is as it should be. The employee experience (EX) is of utmost importance and we’re the specialists who are able to research how happy your personnel are – offering you the right package of resources and tools to get you the insights you need.

Employer branding and data driven labour market comms

In the current overheated labour market employer branding is crucial. Whether that be for recruiting the best talent around or ensuring existing talent remains engaged and inspired. We can help you develop your employer brand around the data we mine independently but also collect from you. Based on the full data picture, we’ll guide you to your ideal candidates. Our recruitment and labor market specialists will also collaborate with you to develop the right content and campaigns that will bring your position as leading employer to life.

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