Data-Driven CX without compromising privacy and security


As a customer-centric organization, your goal is to establish personalized communication with customers while navigating the complexities of privacy and security. To achieve this, you leverage the insights provided by CX analytics tools like ROCX’R to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. However, maintaining compliance with privacy regulations is equally essential. How can you strike the right balance between personalized engagement and privacy protection?

Balancing Personalization and Anonymity

In the realm of online interactions, customers invariably leave behind a trail of data. For professionals in CX, data science, and entrepreneurship, this data holds immense value. It facilitates the tracking and optimization of the customer journey, all without compromising individual identities. Personally identifiable information (PII) falls under the purview of European privacy regulations such as GDPR. Addressing this challenge, the ROCX’R platform presents an optimal solution that harnesses the power of data-driven CX to enhance both customer happiness and business value, all while upholding privacy and security.

Introducing ROCX’R’s Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Mask

ROCX’R stands as an innovative cloud-based solution designed to aggregate and harmonize customer interaction data. This data is then contextualized within the customer journey and enriched with predictive insights, all powered by artificial intelligence. The most recent enhancement to the ROCX’R platform, the PII Mask, introduces supplementary security measures for personal data embedded within textual content. This solution achieves the following:

  • Substitutes PII elements with generic labels
  • Mitigates the potential impact of data breaches
  • Ensures full CX compliance with privacy legislation, including GDPR
  • Can be seamlessly integrated within the ROCX’R platform or utilized as a standalone tool through an API.

Exploring the Fact Sheet

Are you eager to learn more about the advantages offered by the PII Masker on the ROCX’R platform? Our fact sheet provides in-depth insights into which data is masked, the methodology employed, and the benefits it brings to your CX endeavors. Download the fact sheet and uncover details about the masked data, its implementation, and its impact on your CX activities.

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