Understanding Today. Shaping Tomorrow.

Only when you really understand people, can you truly mean something to them

Really understanding people. That’s ultimately what it’s all about. Why do people do what they do? Why do people think and believe in one thing and reject another? What drives them? When you understand people, you understand the world better. And your place within it. Now, you’re able to get a better grip on tomorrow. You’re able to take the lead because you’re able to help people view their future; through their hopes, concerns, wishes and dreams. MarketResponse helps clients do exactly this. We collect and analyse opinions, critique and emotions, interpret them; enriching clients with valuable insight. Moreover, we can help you apply these directly in practice. That’s how we ensure that people, market and society are much more in tune with each other.

The foundation: our Xceptional ecosystem

Knowledge begins with understanding. At MarketResponse we collect, dissect, curate and analyze data. Using our own in house research technology as well as that of our ‘best in class’ premium partners. In fact we’ve built an ecosystem around CX- & EX-insights because we’re convinced that brands and organizations can best show off their distinctive edge as part of the customer journey. We call this the Xceptional ecosystem. It’s the foundation for our entire service offering. And the fertile ground from which every organization, brand or institution can grow. We’ll help you define and evolve your brand. Giving you invaluable insights into what is playing among your public. We thoroughly get to know your target audiences so that we can connect with them in ways we’re sure will work. We help you strengthen the reputation of your brand and optimize and automate your client and employee journey. Activating and putting your wealth of data insight to work.

For strong brands, companies and institutions

At MarketResponse we work for leading B2C and B2B companies across almost all industries. We also work for governmental institutions and NGOs. The one common denominator is the fact that all these organizations have frequent contact and interaction with their target audiences. All these organizations also want to elevate their service – whether that be with clients, citizens, patients or members. These organizations understand that it’s all about how well you understand your people. And that’s where we come in with our expertise and technology. Using both to help commercial organizations become more social and meaningful, while helping public institutions become more commercially minded

A smart combination of solid research and technology

MarketResponse has been in existence for over 35 years. During that period, we have always invested systematically in the further development of our expertise. In doing so, our commitment has always been the craftsmanship of our people combined with the development and application of new technologies. At a time when market research, data analysis and marketing are completely intertwined, MarketResponse leads the way with innovative research technology software and marketing automation. This symbiosis between human expertise and innovative technology offers our clients much more than the sum of its parts.

Over 90 highly skilled specialists at your service

At MarketResponse, there are over 90 of us. These include:

  • market researchers
  • data scientists
  • behavioral specialists
  • brand and communication consultants
  • customer and employee specialists (CX and EX)
  • content marketeers
  • art directors
  • creative designers
  • creative content creators
  • brand journalists
  • software developers

We work from Utrecht, Amsterdam and New York.