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Where are opportunities in your market?

What does your market really look like? Where do the new opportunities lie? What’s the competition up to? Where does your target audience live, and how can you best reach them? Where’s the ideal place to open a new store or branch? We’ve got the data and tools to provide you with comprehensive answers so that you can make the best possible choices for your brand’s future.

Market data, marketing analysis and insight-based consultancy

We have a wealth of data – from different locations, branches, sectors and regions – that we’re able to access in answer to your specific marketing questions. Our data scientists work with state-of-the-art tech and AI tools to rapidly mine relevant volumes of data; analyzing, identifying and advising you on the right direction for your organization.

MR-base-NL: the Netherlands largest B2C database

Our consumer database offers insight into households per postcode. We provide basic information, which we can further enrich with socio-demographic detail. And, when you really want to understand your audience’s lifestyles and what drives them and where you’ll find specific audiences, we’ll help you thanks to psychographic and sociological data based on our trusted BSR- model.

Understand the context: quantitative and qualitative public research

For many years MarketResponse has been the leading authority on qualitative and quantitative research. We carry out A-Z research for companies, organizations and governmental institutions. Whether it’s questioning large groups of people with an automated survey or picking someone’s brain one-to-one – we’ll find the best possible solution for your situation.

Market research: fast, representative and validated

In our increasingly digital world speed is critical to success. It’s essential you’re able to make decisions based on thorough, careful and representative research while also being able to adapt fast in order to maintain your market share or lead. We make all this possible – thanks to the combined strengths of our highly qualified professionals and our research technology.

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