Direct Feedback:
Deep insight through continuous measurement of customer experience

Continuously measure customer satisfaction

As a customer-oriented organization, you want your customers to be satisfied. But what do customers think of your product, service or customer contact? An annual customer satisfaction survey can generate lots of information. But you can also miss a lot. You need a deeper understanding to know what needs to be improved. And obviously, you also want to see immediately whether changes give rise to higher customer satisfaction.

Get closer to your customers (without irritating them)

A general, annual customer satisfaction survey is an excellent idea. You will gain an insight into those moments where your customers think that you can do better and where you can have a tremendous impact on overall satisfaction and loyalty. E.g., during contact with your customer services or product deliveries.

To improve your performance at these crucial times, you need to measure customer satisfaction more than once during the year. You need to get closer to your customers. Which details can be improved, what is not quite going as it should? When you make changes, you want feedback immediately. Does this work better, does this make you happier? In other words, you need to collect feedback directly and continuously. MarketResponse has a proven tool for this: Direct Feedback.

Direct Feedback is a complete feedback solutions, with which your organization can strengthen customer loyalty in a structured way. Easy to use and set up, easy to link to CRM systems and filter data. You can filter by region, department or other filters, with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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Thanks to our Direct Feedback, you can gain a better insight into your interaction with customers. Customers evaluate their recent experience with your organization by answering a short questionnaire.


The customer opinion is available at a glance, in a user-friendly dashboard. Your employees immediately see what impact they have on customer satisfaction.


As a manager, you can immediately see whether there was any follow-up. Direct Feedback is a management tool for measuring, reporting on and monitoring your performance.

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