How can you define and improve your brand positioning?

No. 1 model for brand positioning

BrandneXt™ is the internationally recognized model for brand positioning. Many large, international organizations use it to answer important strategic questions. Because the right brand positioning is essential for growth and relevance. Where are you now with your brand? What do your customers and competitors think of your brand? Where are the threats? Where are growth opportunities?

Insights into the needs of your market

Every day you work hard to build your brand. From the reception to the board of directors, everyone needs to contribute to your brand image and customer experience. But your ambitions are bigger than this. You want your brand to grow, and you are searching for the right opportunities. Which means you need to know what your customers really think of you. You need to map your brand positioning. With the MarketResponse BrandneXt™ -model, you gain a fundamental psychological and sociological insight into your market’s need structures. We create a detailed mapping of your brand’s current positioning, and that of your competitors and how they are performing.

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A wealth of management information for brand development

We identify patterns in events, motives and feelings, allowing you to subdivide the market into different need segments, in a clear and insightful manner. With this and with the brand positioning (of your own brand and competitors), you have an important advantage at your disposal to develop an effective market strategy aimed at growth. BrandneXt™ thus provides you with a wealth of management information for a well-thought-through, structured brand positioning and development.

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