Great communication!
But how do you know whether
it will hit home with your target audience?

Visual Check pre-test

Each brochure, letter, mailing, webpage and app screen has a purpose. You want to tempt readers, inspire a certain feeling, prompt them to take action. At the very least, you want your audience to read more or look further. What appeals to them, where does their attention wane? Is the message clear, does it trigger action?

Prior insight on effectiveness of communication statements

Obviously you want to know what works and what won’t pre-launch. Does your communication strike the right note, is it aligned with your brand and this campaign? In a sense, you’d like to see first-hand how your target audience responds by way of a test. After all the points for improvement have been implemented and any uncertainties have been eliminated, that is when you’re ready to launch your mailing, brochure, flyer or webpage. Thanks to the MarketResponse Visual Check you can quickly test whether your message achieves its goal before you launch it. You check pre-launch whether your communication that ‘sounds great’… is also functional and effective, saving you a lot of time and money, and avoiding irritation for your target audience.

Greater certainty of results from your communications

‘Looks good, I think it will be a success…’ This is not what you’re looking to achieve with your communication. Does it appeal to the right target audience, does it get your message across, do the design and text appeal to your recipients? You want to be sure about the effect and expected result of your communication. What’s more, you want to be able to adapt pre-launch rather than having to start over afterwards. Do the MarketResponse Visual Check.

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