How can you be sure that your campaign will be a hit? Test for success!

add+impact® pre-test

How do you ensure that your TV, radio or print ad is effective and successful? Does your advertising strengthen the relationship with the brand and do you get your message across?

A wealth of information

Campaigns for building and developing your brand positioning cost time, effort and budget. Only a third of all communication is effective. With add+impact® you can test the effectiveness of your communication. You can test an existing or ongoing campaign. But pre-launch testing is even better, because the information from our campaign testing provides you with a wealth of information to make an informed decision, and adapt your campaign in a timely manner if necessary. Ensuring your campaign achieves the desired result.

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Pre-testing is crucial

Pre-testing makes all the difference. In fact, pre-testing is crucial. Every day consumers are confronted with ads everywhere they look. They are also more likely to watch on-demand services, and are more critical than ever of advertising. This makes it more difficult to get them to notice your message. By pre-testing TV and radio ads as well as print campaigns, you avoid wasting your budget on campaigns that are not effective. With pre-testing, you get consumer feedback, which helps you better understand your consumers and gives you valuable input to optimize your advertising.