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Brand tracking

How do you know which brand communication is effective? How do you determine where you stand with your brand and which impact your efforts have? Are you achieving the desired positioning? All your marketing activities rely on a strong brand.

Base your decisions on brand data

To ensure your brand remains relevant, you need to communicate about your product, as well as about what your brand stands for, your purpose. At the same time, you want to disseminate your message in a consistent manner across the various channels that your target audience uses. Thanks to MarketResponse brand tracking, you know exactly what your brand ‘does’. With this insight, you can define your (relative) brand positioning, set and achieve KPIs in terms of notoriety, preference, social impact and market share, and optimize your resource and media mix.

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How to use your marketing budget effectively

With MarketResponse brand tracking you can base your decisions on brand perception data about sustainable innovation and social relevance. In today’s complex media landscape, you need to rely on integrated data sets from many different sources. Our analysts, who extract practical insights from this data, are happy to provide support. Every Euro counts: whether and how you make effective use of your brand budget can have an impact on your brand’s performance that lasts a very long time.

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