Only when you
really understand
people, can you truly
mean something to them

Understanding today. Shaping tomorrow.


MarketResponse is your one-stop-shop for market and audience research. Quantitative and qualitative research reveals the people behind the data. We know their opinions, reveal their motives, and make their behavior more predictable. In doing so, we help you to optimize the customer experience, increase employee satisfaction, and improve communication. We offer insights and help you transpose these into durable solutions.

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Data & Data Science

Data-driven growth. Everyone wants it, but how do you go about it? Every year, the average organization generates a large mountain of unstructured marketing data. We rigorously structure your data and systems so that you can identify opportunities yourself in the future and can capitalize on them. From setting up all-encompassing marketing automation or data warehousing and data consultancy. We help you structure your foundation, the basics. Our passionate, highly-qualified marketing data experts are happy to help. You can even hire them to work in-house on location.

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Research Technology Software

The MarketResponse software suite offers indispensable state-of-the art technology and tooling for professionals specializing in customer satisfaction research, product testing, surveys and setting up online communities and panels. We always offer a custom solution for agencies and research departments: full-service, do-it-together, or DIY. With our ResTech you can accelerate your research, manage your budget and have access to real-time-insights.

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