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Online qualitative market research

With CMNTY Platform, you have one solution for starting, conducting, analyzing and presenting qualitative research. With unprecedented features and research methods.

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With our CMNTY Platform, you have an all-in-one solution for qualitative research, with unrivaled possibilities and functionality for recruiting participants; data collection, enrichment and analysis; the development and maintenance of focus groups; and the presentation of the results to your client. More features

Research methods

With the CMNTY Platform, you can apply all the methods you need for your qualitative research: from focus groups and in-depth interviews to heatmaps and moodboards. What’s more, you can switch very flexibly between the various methods.


We are only satisfied when your project is a success. To give you a carefree start, we have standard services included in your license. These services include a comprehensive onboarding, setup of your platform, your own look and feel, a final platform check and a dedicated customer success manager. More services

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Qualitative research solutions for all market researchers

As an agency your needs, wishes and possibilities are not the same as those of a sole trader or a team within an organization. The creators of the CMNTY Platform: a  qualitative data software, know your market better than anyone else. That is why we have a solution for each position and situation.

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