Category Scan:
Detailed marketing
and sales info at the
regional level

See your sales opportunities with GIS analyzer

Category Scan is the GIS analyzer by MarketResponse, which allows you to identify your sales and marketing opportunities in a given region at a glance. You can immediately see the forecast turnover per point of sale, what the competition is doing or what is the composition of your catchment area. Category Scan is an indispensable tool for FMCG companies, retailers and franchise holders. Category Scan is indispensable for marketing and sales.

From modeling to visualizing mark opportunities

With Category Scan you can:

  • generate detailed forecasts based on current system data to determine how changes impact your turnover
  • evaluate campaigns and determine which actions have the highest ROI, in a given channel, medium or segment
  • zoom in by branch or catchment area to quickly adapt your sales and progress
  • set up very targeted local marketing campaigns, from upselling to maximum conversion
  • help your retailers or franchise holders to optimally capitalize on sales and marketing opportunities in their area
  • make it easier for your retailers or franchise holders to assess which location offers the best opportunities for a new branch

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