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Online focus groups

Online Focus by MarketResponse is an online focus group platform that makes qualitative research via focus groups and in-depth interviews much easier and more efficient. And with which you take your results to the next level.

Even better results than with face-to-face interviews

With focus groups and in-depth interviews you gain insight into the underlying motivations, opinions, wishes and needs of the target group. With Focus by MarketResponse, you can conduct these qualitative research methods better than with Zoom or Teams. Even better: your results are even better than with face-to-face interviews.

With Focus, you save time and money in your market research. With just one click, you can invite customers and participants from anywhere to join a live group. It’s the next-level version of focus group technology. With Focus by MarketResponse, you have unprecedented functionality.

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Mark and share

During panel discussions and in-depth interviews, you can mark noteworthy answers, download them as a clip, compile them in a video and share them with your team or client.




Add functionality

All the functionality for your research in one place: a whiteboard, polls, visuals, videos and chats, backroom chat, automated transcription and analysis.




Automated technical checks

All the functionality combined in one interface for automated tech checks, recruiting and coaching participants, and automated transcription of sessions.




Add activities to enrich your insights

Use a whiteboard as a visual aid, polls to get instant opinions and share images, videos and chat for more interactivity. Get instant feedback from your client using the backroom chat. With focus group data collection you can analyze transcriptions and overall sentiment when the session has finished.

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