Do you know what your employees think? You don’t? Ask them!

Employee survey

Employees are your organization. They deliver your mission, vision and brand values. Customer satisfaction depends on the enthusiasm and engagement of your employees. Your organization’s sustainability and social engagement become more concrete thanks to your employees. So you can see how it is crucial that you know what your employees think.

Employees who are enthusiastic about their job and their workplace will convey this to the customer (and their co-workers). That is why you should continually check what is crucial to ensure daily job satisfaction and what ensures that employees feel valued by and engage with your organization.

If your customer is king, take care of your employees

In this white paper we explain how we can help you establish a direct link between EX and CX within your organization.

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MarketResponse has been the Dutch market leader for targeted employee research for several years. The results of our employee surveys give you an insight into how enthusiastic your employees really are. Giving you the tools you need for a structural, targeted improvement of the employee experience. Which has a direct impact on customer loyalty and the motivation of co-workers, and on whether your organization achieves its goals.

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