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Employee Experience (EX)

Employees are an organization’s most important asset. They do the work. But they do so much more for your organization. They determine whether a customer feels at home with you. Whether a customer feels heard, appreciated and rewarded. The customer experience (CX) is thus directly linked with employee experience (EX). Enthusiastic employees also influence the motivation and enthusiasm of their colleagues. Engaged, enthusiastic employees are thus worth their weight in gold.

So how do you keep your employees genuinely engaged, enthusiastic and satisfied? How do you ensure that they implement your mission, vision and brand values? That they represent your organization’s social choices and sustainability (sustainable experience – SX)? How does your organization respond to current topics such as hybrid working?

We have lots of experience in employee experience (EX) research. We are specialized in the combination of customized research data with existing data. Providing your organization with management information that can be immediately applied, to motivate and bind your employees and help them grow. Because obviously you want to retain your employees for the long run.

If your customer is king, take care of your employees

In this white paper we explain how we can help you establish a direct link between EX and CX within your organization.

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Current, relevant insights at all times

Every employee has a personal experience (employee journey). We use the Employee Life Cycle to map and support it in a targeted, structured way. Offering continuous insights into the experience of (potential) employees during all the touch-points with an organization and how this corresponds with their wishes and expectations.

We have two specialized employee experience solutions.

  • The results of the employee surveys give you an insight into how enthusiastic your employees really are. Giving you the tools you need for a structural, targeted improvement of the employee experience.
  • Thanks to our interim online Pulse Surveys we can provide you with rapid insights into specific themes, such as work pressure or internal codes of conduct. Giving you the opportunity to immediately respond. That is how we provide you with a comprehensive employee experience model.

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