How do you quickly gain an insight into employee sentiment?

Pulse Survey

Employee surveys are a way of periodically gauging sentiment among your employees. Are they satisfied and enthusiastic, do they receive enough support, do they identify with the mission, vision and brand values? But what do they think of the new ICT system, the training program, or the latest ad campaign?

With the MarketResponse Pulse Survey you can quickly measure employee experience in a targeted way. Allowing you to continuously engage with your employees and have an ongoing insight into employee sentiment on specific topics. You can also use this information to make adjustments immediately where necessary. Pulse Survey offers you the opportunity to engage with your employees easily and in a structured way. Not once or twice a year, but continuously.

If your customer is king, take care of your employees

In this white paper we explain how we can help you establish a direct link between EX and CX within your organization.

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Immediate and continuous valuable management information

Pulse Survey is an easy-to-use tool that immediately provides valuable management information. Want to know more about this excellent structural tool for employee engagement?

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