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We reveal the people behind the data

Really understanding people. That’s what it’s all about. Why do they do what they do? What’s behind how they think and why do they believe in certain ideas while rejecting others? What drives and motivates them? At MarketResponse we reveal the people behind the data. We collect and analyse opinions, critique and emotions – identifying and giving context to our insights. We’re also able to help you apply your findings.

BSR-model: the standard in lifestyle segmentation

Initiated in 2000, the BSR-model (Brand Strategy Research) is the Netherlands’ only psychographic and sociological lifestyle segmentation standard. Based on colour and archetype combinations we distinguish and group people by lifestyle. There are four main lifestyle worlds: yellow (harmony), green (safety), blue (control) and red (freedom). Each world asks for a different loyalty and engagement approach. Thanks to our nationwide geo-psychographic database (SmartGis) we’re familiar with the lifestyle segmentation across all postcodes throughout the Netherlands.

Get to know your customer better with our Customer Data Platform

Organizations often know far more about their clients and business relations than they think. Client data is often fragmented – scattered throughout different systems within one organization. Thanks to CDP Connect, we’re able to retrieve data from many different sources to establish a 360 picture of your customer. We’re then able to optimize communications and tailor offers to clients’ specific needs and desires. The result is highly effective marketing, higher conversion rates and loyal clients.

A dialogue with your audience via surveys, focus groups and qualitative interviews

Understanding people is easiest when we’re able to talk to them directly. We’re specialists in market and consumer research. From personal and in-depth interviews to consumer panels or surveys intended for larger audiences. We look at what you need and tailor our services to suit.

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