A clear picture of the facts,
figures and developments

Quantitative research

There are 101 ways to conduct market research. So, which is the right way? Quantitative research is generally considered the mother of all market research. It provides clear results into the facts and figures of target audiences, customers and employees. This is extremely useful when you are trying to map the current state of affairs, movements and historical developments.

The right target audiences and a good response

Quantitative research is often all about big data sets and numbers. For a thorough, representative study from which you can draw conclusions, you will need a large group of participants and a substantial response. We know better than anyone how good quantitative market research should be organized. How to approach the right target groups and ensure a good response. We have experienced specialists in the field of quantitative research (and qualitative research).

MarketResponse has a large consumer panel and a panel for business surveys. In addition to this, we also have access to a large audience for specific market research. We have been doing research into the most customer-friendly company in the Netherlands since 2007, for example. To this end, we collect more than 50,000 customer ratings and reviews every year. Obviously, we can add your customer base and prospect tool to our research.

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