Why do people do what they do and think what they think?

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research aims to understand phenomena and behaviors. Whereas quantitative research focuses on measuring numbers, qualitative research dives into the what, why and how.

Get close(r) to your target audience

Qualitative research among target audiences, customers, employees, patients, residents or tenants provides in-depth insights. There is more to this than simply doing an interview or setting up a focus group. Our specialists have a great deal of expertise and extensive experience in various industries and areas of expertise when it comes to qualitative research.

Why should you conduct qualitative research? To explore an unknown theme or new target audience or to gain new ideas. Or perhaps you are interested in understanding the ratio and sentiment behind the figures. Why does a product or campaign not catch on, why do customers behave this way, how do I get trigger this specific target audience? With qualitative research you get closer to your target audience, you get to know them better and you can link targeted actions to this knowledge.

MarketResponse knows better than anyone how good qualitative market research works. We make sure that you gain insight into people’s behavior and motivations. Enabling you to assess what works and doesn’t work with your target audience.

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