From Purpose to Practice

Sustainable innovation

Customers want companies to do business in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. They are very serious about this. They see right through greenwashing and false promises. You can use sustainable innovation to add specific and lasting substance to your brand purpose and social significance, ensuring you remain relevant and successful.

Successful propositions for people, brands and society

How to get from purpose to practice? How do you find the sweet spot between the customer, society and the brand? Can you develop specific products, services or activities, with enhanced added value for customers and a demonstrable contribution to a better world? This requires sustainable innovation. MarketResponse helps organizations innovate sustainably, based on data science, human insights, design thinking, strategy development and implementation power. More complex than ‘mere’ innovation, but with a greater chance of lasting results and more impact. Based on the principles of Design Thinking, underpinned by a fact-based approach and successful innovation tools.

Download the white paper From Purpose to Practice

With this white paper, we help your organization make sustainable innovation a success. So your business is future proof and you can grow by anticipating better on consumers’ increased need to contribute to a better world with their purchases.

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