Want to know whether your new product will be a hit? Yes, you can!

Concept product testing

Finally getting a grip on a successful launch. The MarketResponse concept/product testing provides a clear answer to your question: go, no-go or adapt. With clear advice about the positioning and communication. How? Thanks to our unique method, consumer knowledge and years of experience with other launches.

Go, no-go, or not yet?

Thanks to the MarketResponse concept testing you know where your opportunities lie. You get clear answers in a very short time. Is the concept good, but the execution could be improved? Is the taste great, but the packaging a disaster? You know how to launch a top class product in no time at all. And you get advice about the positioning and communication.

We transpose our consumer knowledge into a unique method: the funnel method. We start from the core (customer need), checking the product benefits (benefits) and the credibility of the concept (reason to believe). We then benchmark the results against those of the many products that we tested in recent years, giving us a good idea of the product’s potential. Thanks to the MarketResponse concept product testing you can make the right – fact-based – choice on whether your product or service is a go, a no-go, or a not yet.

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