Data-based predictions
about customer behavior

Predictive Modelling

What does the customer of tomorrow want? Which prospects are the most promising? Does it make sense to establish yourself in an up-and-coming neighborhood? Which range suits your customers’ needs? As an entrepreneur or marketing professional, you are continually focused on the future, the customer and the offer of tomorrow. You may have a sixth sense for this and perhaps you also follow some well-known trendwatchers, but when it comes to making important decisions, you prefer more certainty.

Predictive Modeling takes you to the future

Predictive Modeling by MarketResponse is a solid and proven tool that allows you to predict the actions of consumers, customers or prospects. Not here and now, but in the future. The outcomes will give you an idea of how you should follow up on a successful campaign. Or which products and services your customers are interested in. Or when your customer stops buying from you. And when a member, subscriber or donor bids farewell. Thanks to the outcomes of Predictive Modeling, you can organize your business operations, products, services and advertising in a targeted way.

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