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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation – at the intersection of marketing communication and software – is indispensable if you want to generate more and (qualitatively) better leads. But at MarketReponse, we believe that Marketing Automation does much more. You can turn convert leads with more and better knowledge about your consumers, through personalized communication. Using smart links, for example with a CRM system, you can analyze exactly which channels and actions are successful and which ones should be scrapped.

Why use Marketing Automation?

Why should you use Marketing Automation, as an organization or marketing professional?

  • You want to increase your marketing ROI
  • You want to measure performance
  • You want to generate leads and recruit customers

Marketing Automation helps you with the streamlining of your leads, segmentation, nurturing and scoring, lifestyle marketing, cross-sell and up-sell, customer retention and ROI measurement for marketing.

5 reasons for using marketing data science

Get the maximum from your sales and marketing data.

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There’s more to marketing automation than email marketing

Oftentimes, Marketing Automation consists of automated personal email marketing. You create a set of emails for each specific, defined instant, that are sent automatically. That way, the prospect completes an automated customer journey up to and including the buying stage. Perhaps this lead will even become a brand ambassador.

As a marketing professional, you have a wide range of email systems and Marketing Automation tools at your disposal. All with their own functionality and possibilities. Instead of taking the tools into account, our data creatives look at your goals and possibilities. We help your organization successfully implement Marketing Automation. Combining this with the right strategy and tools. We also provide feedback on the campaigns to optimize your Marketing Automation.

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