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Clear, relevant, data driven communications

In our increasingly digital society clear, relevant, communications in the right tone are essential. At MarketResponse we’re specialized in data driven campaigns powered by a unique combination of invaluable consumer- and company data and insights. As we offer the full spectrum of comms needs – from strategy through to creativity and production.

Automated yet personalized communication

We transform insights into activation thanks to automated yet personalized dialogue featuring relevant offers. We ensure you know exactly who you’re communicating with online and via mobile, and in what phase of the customer journey your visitor is in. We help your target audience feel seen and heard; either via segmentation level research or via the personas we’ve developed thanks to the data and insights drawn from our BSR-model. You can even reach your customer one-to-one via our Customer Data Platform.

Content for every touch point along the customer and employee journey

Our team of creatives, copywriters, podcasters, filmmakers, content managers and social media specialists will dive into your specific content creation needs. Translating your communication and marketing objectives into inspiring content designed to trigger the curiosity and engagement of your target groups. Relevant, SEO-proof, and conversion focused.

Content marketing: creative, effective campaigns

Your story needs to be read, seen or heard by your desired audience. Our content marketing specialists help you connect and capitalize on your engagement opportunities. We develop creative concepts that lead to meaningful interaction and conversion. We’ll help you grow your audience and manage your communities. Based on thorough analysis of your target audience, we’ll develop a channel marketing strategy that connects to your consumers’ needs. We’re proud that past campaigns are Grand Prix Content Marketing awarded.

Branded journalism: storytelling for thought leaders

MarketResponse also delivers branded journalism thanks to our specialized journalistic marketing team. We help organizations and brands who want to distinguish themselves in a meaningful way through thought leadership content. Storytelling is a journalistic format which forms part of the standard media audiences consume. Balanced, objective information in a trusted, recognizable format that naturally engages.

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