Conduct your own quantitative
research with specialist help

Software for quantitative market research

Good quantitative market research generates a wealth of information. Ask the right questions to the right target groups, collect and analyze the data. And voilà, you have valuable insights that you can capitalize on. But where to start? How do you organize this? Which questions should you ask to get answers that are really relevant?

Start using our software and online solutions

MarketResponse allows you to conduct your own quantitative market research. Rely on our expertise and many years of international experience and start using our software and online solutions. We assist you every step of the way, regardless of how complex or simple your questions are. We also offer consultancy services and can help you transpose the research results into actions.

Want to know what triggers specific consumers or whether your employees are satisfied with the new ICT platform? Need to know whether your customers appreciate the ordering procedure and handling? We help you ask the right questions, target the right people, and generate insightful results that are easy to understand. So you can take fact-based decisions for improvement.