IHUT: Modernize Product Research with Real-Time Insights


Conduct Cost-Efficient Research in Your Audience’s Natural Environment

In-Home Use Testing, or IHUT, is a method of online qualitative research that allows companies to test their products in their consumer’s natural environments. In-home user testing or IHUT, in short, is a cost-efficient method. Product owners can easily test new products before launching them to mass consumers. 

Thanks to CMNTY platform, you can engage with your test users in their houses without having any influence from external factors. You can gather feedback about their overall satisfaction through positive or negative comments while using the product. 

This methodology is very interesting for the participants as they have the privilege to give their opinion on the new product as they use the product for the first time.

Why Conduct an IHUT Research?

Validate Your Assumptions

You may be trusting your product but in the end, it’s the end consumer that uses it. IHUT research is the perfect way to know what they think before you fully market your product which can save time and capital. In the testing areas or in-person focus groups, there is a large chance that people don’t test the product how they would normally test in their houses. Therefore, the chance of sharing deeper, more exact feedback is higher from IHUT research. 

Get Quick(er) Feedback

IHUT research is perfect for real-time feedback collection. With a variety of methods available you can have an online focus group, an IDI session or assign your participants a diary task. Through Online Focus Groups and Journal modules, you can collect feedback easily at the right time. You can create surveys to understand their satisfaction rate and if they are likely to purchase the product or not. 

Obtain a 360 Degree View

You can measure all aspects of the product such as the packaging, the instructions when setting it up, and how to advertise it in the best possible way. You can gauge their first impression, their intention to purchase the product, and how satisfied they are after using it. The amount of time you should set aside for IHUT research depends on the product. It can take a couple of days for a noodle brand to test their packaging while it might take weeks to test a vacuum cleaner’s quality. 

Solve Sales Challenges

Measure why your product is not performing well. You can collect feedback on the product’s performance and why your sales are underperforming Use IHUT research to improve your existing product which is already on the shelves. 

Plan Your In-House User Testing

Decide on the objectives you would like to collect information about and recruit your desired participants. Then, depending on your product, plan your timeline. Finally, when you have everything in place with the help of CMNTY platform, you can conduct your research and collect valuable insights from your participants in their natural environment. 

How many participants do you need? For how long will you be asking them to test the product? What about the incentives? These will be the questions you need to answer before starting your in-house user testing.

In our changing world, everyday consumer decisions are often in flux. IHUT research can help you track these quick changes and adapt your product to the needs of your consumers accordingly. Reach out to our team now, to start your research project.