Boost your ROI with Market Research Tools


Personalized marketing research tools is one of the biggest marketing trends this year. Classic campaigning with standardized messaging feels outdated since obtaining customer data got a lot easier. Why not put that endless stream of consumer information to good use? Use tools for market research to target your customers in a more personalized and unique way? Market research tools are an excellent way to incorporate personalized data analysis into your marketing campaigns.

‍Why personalized marketing benefits from tools for market research

While direct marketing is fueled on consumer data, you can achieve even better results by implementing a marketing research tool. Using research software allows you to really get to know your customers which is invaluable in your personalized marketing strategy. Add color to gain in-depth data and start a real conversation with target market research tools. 

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‍Interact with consumers through a thriving community

Improve your customer’s personalized experience by involving them in your brand’s story. The easiest way to do this is by creating a community. Use market research tools like CMNTY Platform to build your own market research online fan base. Start a conversation, let your customers test products at home, organize focus group tools, anytime or anywhere it fits your project. 

Marketing research tools are the perfect way to interact with your key demographics allowing you to add value to existing or newly acquired customer information. Because, let’s be honest, data only gets you that far. What is your customer really thinking? And more importantly, how do they truly feel about your brand? Tools for market research, like CMNTY, enable researchers to dig deeper into colorless data and to target customers in a personalized way.

tools for market research

‍Your go-to marketing research tool

Tools for market research are your magic wand to plan a well-thought out personalized marketing strategy. Combining your quantitative market research with some in-depth human input really helps you to understand your target audience. It doesn’t have to be rocket science to tell you that an essential part of marketing research tools is to know who you’re dealing with, going even further than having information on where your customer lives or what age they are, this is where target market research tools come in. Having a long-term online community allows you to interact with your customers in a unique way. Hop on and off CMNTY Platform whenever you want to engage with your participants or when an important research question pops up.

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A lot easier than you think

Target market research tools don’t have to be complicated or technical. CMNTY Platform is an easy and flexible solution to unlock higher levels of engagement with your consumers. It supports both an online qualitative research platform and quantitative features to get the most out of your research project. Start using tools for market research now to strategize your personalized marketing campaigns in the best possible way. 

CMNTY Platform is a DIY-built marketing research tool, with a Do-It-Together approach. The software for market research also offers professional services at a competitive price to support your research. You can license CMNTY Platform for exactly the duration of time needed to get the most out of your project.