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Online Focus Software Systems for Marketers

You’ve probably heard the phrase “focus group” before, but you might not know exactly what it means. So, where can you find online focus group software? What does it look like? Well, think of it as a digital platform that provides access to focus groups tools. There are many ways for marketers to conduct focus groups today. You can do so virtually using video conferencing software or in-person using an app with built-in check-in features and invites. 

What is a Focus Group?

A focus group is an excellent way to get qualitative data about what people think about your business. It’s a great way to get insights from real customers, as opposed to relying solely on statistics. There are several different types of focus group tools that you can run. 

Types of Focus Groups

There are several different types of focus groups that you can run:

  • In-person focus groups: These are face-to-face group discussions and are the most common form of a focus group. You can use an app to organize an in-person focus group and schedule check-ins.


  • Online focus groups: These are the same thing as in-person focus groups, except they are done online. An online focus group consists of people participating in a discussion via video or audio. Youo may need an online focus group software to help you in handling this process.


  • Hybrid focus groups: These focus groups are a combination of in-person and online focus groups. You might, for example, invite five people to come to your office for a meeting and five other people to participate over a video call.


  • Telephone focus groups: These focus groups are conducted over the phone. You can use an app to record the conversation, take notes, and provide the same functionality as with other types of focus groups.


  • Depending on what you’re looking to get out of the focus group, you might want to conduct a different type than another marketer might. For example, if you want to hear people’s thoughts in real-time, you might want to conduct an in-person or hybrid focus group. If you want to be able to replay the discussion later, an online focus group might be best.
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 There are times when you might want to use online focus group software instead of other methods. Some of those include:

  • You need a bigger group or more diversity – When you conduct a focus group in person or over the phone, the group size is limited to the number of people invited. With a focus software, you’re not limited by this. You can invite as many people as you want. You can also make sure the group has the diversity you’re looking for by inviting people across different demographics and areas of interest.


  • You need a more specific target audience – In an in-person or phone focus group, you might end up with a wide range of people. This can make it more difficult to get specific results from the discussion. With software, you can choose who you want to invite and target your audience as much as possible.


  • You need to track results – Focus group tools lets you track results, which can help review the data and have the insights you need to make decisions.


  • You need a more private discussion – With online focus group software, you can have a more private discussion. You can invite people at any time, invite specific people, and have a more controlled environment.

  • You need a more flexible discussion – With software, you have a lot more flexibility with the discussion. You can control who says what, when they say it, and how they say it. This can help you get more insights from the discussion.


  • You need more control over the conversation – In an in-person focus group, there’s no way to control what people say and how they say it. With virtual focus group tools, you have a lot more control over the discussion. You can time the group, control what people say, and even limit certain comments. This can help you get better insights from the discussion.

Live Chat Software for Focus Group Tools

Live chat software can be useful for in-person focus groups. It provides a way for you to communicate with participants and manage the discussion.