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Understand Customers through Journey Mapping Research


Customer Journey Mapping is important for understanding how your clients view your offering. From a physical product to a collaborative solution, initial customer experience allows your team to make quality of life decisions through active feedback. 

The Onboarding phase is where a customer establishes their emotional connection to your offering. If you are not tracking the highs and lows of their experience in real-time, you may never know why your customer becomes an advocate or naysayer. Capturing these insights allows you to improve your customer experience.

What is Journey Mapping?

Journey Mapping, as defined by the Nielsen Norman Group, is a research methodology where you establish a visualization of the phases your customers go through to accomplish a goal. An organization can utilize multiple journey maps to engage your different customer personas. For each map, consider the Persona, the specific customer engaging with your organization, Use-Case, the goal and value your customers seek from your offering, and Phases, the key moments and actions performed by customers that culminate in their opinion on their offering.

Based on your current understanding of your customers, draft a journey map to test your existing data. Establish your persona and their use-case for the offering, then set the phases this customer goes through as they explore the offering. This is your assumption map to assess with your journey map research.

How to Conduct Journey Map Research?

Based on the phases established for your expected customer journey, decide the intensity of the research you want to undertake. There are an abundance of methods to attain your insights. Here we cover the benefits each of these methods offer: 

  1. Open Surveys

For a quantitative analysis of your customers feelings at each phase of journey mapping, utilize questionnaires to survey their experience. Offer a mix of NPS (net promoter score) and open response questions to understand these customer’s experiences. Review how these responses match your expectations and adjust accordingly.

CMNTY Platform offers Questionnaires within our solution to achieve quantitative insights.

  1. In-Depth Interviews or Focus Groups

For a qualitative analysis of customer reactions to your offering, utilize live video sessions to connect directly on their recent experience. Gauge their experiences in group or individual discussions where you can run through all your questions. Reflect on their body language and responses to establish your insights. 

CMNTY Platform offers Focus for live video sessions with automatic transcription and an observer backroom within our solution to connect with customers.

  1. Diary Studies

For private asynchronous conversations with customers, host diaries where you can receive unbiased feedback. Diaries allow for an ongoing conversation at your customer’s leisure where you track their experience over time and ask follow-up questions. Customers can answer questions multiple times or engage in new questions on a schedule to follow your journey mapping. 

CMNTY Platform offers Journal to engage customers in private conversations to achieve qualitative insights.

  1. Public Forums

For public asynchronous conversations between customers, host online forums where you receive feedback where other customers can comment with their opinion. Forums allow for unbiased or public discussions where customers can answer your questions and help each other. Customers can post their own discussions while engaging in your research. 

CMNTY Platform offers Forum to engage customers in public discussions with automatic bookmarking to achieve qualitative insights.

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How to Use Your Insights?

Once you complete a Journey Mapping study, you can review your Personas, Use-Case, and Phases to update your expected customer journey. With the understanding of how your customers’ experience your solution, you can adjust and make changes to improve your next customers’ process. 

Journey Mapping is always malleable, so, after you complete one project and implement your insights, keep track of how your next customers experience those changes. For an ongoing solution, CMNTY Platform is a great fit. Please reach-out to our team to discuss.

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