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Customer Loyalty Software


Customers who love everything you do and support you no matter what, isn’t that all you want? Hélas, maintaining a loyal fan base is hard. Consumers are constantly targeted through their devices by literally every brand out there through social media platforms you do not own yourself. Why would customers commit to your brand if they have a thousand more options out there? Unfortunately, there is no magic spell to create superfans, but customer loyalty software might just be the secret potion you need! 

‍Loyal fans

Thanks to the use of powerful metadata, brands can target their key demographics faster than ever through their phones and other devices. While this is a great way to target your customers, questions arise if this is actually good enough to keep competitors at bay? It’s one thing to know how much your customer looked at a certain product, it’s another to know what’s keeping them from actually buying it. While obtaining data information on your consumers is without a doubt useful, how will you measure your customers’ loyalty?

customer loyalty software

‍Take back the power

One of the best ways to keep up with your brand loyalty measurement is to use online tooling. Research software not only allows you to create a thriving community online, it also enables you to engage with your customers on a platform where you are in charge. Unlike connecting with your customers on social media and review sites, you control what happens in your own little brand community. The power is 100 % yours! 

‍Gain trust

Loyalty equals trust. Your consumers need to know that they can trust you and your products. Customers nowadays value honesty, reward, transparency and inclusiveness more than ever. Especially Gen Z, which is considered to be the largest consumer group by 2026, has a critical approach when choosing brands and products. Brand loyalty measurement can be perfected by building an online community to start a meaningful conversation with your customers. You can organize virtual focus groups or just engage with your customers for a certain period. Getting first-hand feedback from your main target audience is an invaluable tool to create your transparent and honest brand identity which so many customers value. The simple fact of being heard can also do wonders for your brand loyalty. 

brand loyalty measurement

‍Act like a superstar 

Artists and celebrities already know the strength of having a strong online community. It is a common fact that fans from all around the world engage with each other and discuss their favorite idols through forums and online group chats. Why not follow that example?  After all, we all know how strong and supportive these fandoms can be! By adapting customer loyalty software you can re-create the same concept, only your brand is now starring as a main character. 

Build a safe online environment where you can engage with your customers and ask them questions you normally would in an offline focus group or through surveys. Online tooling allows you, as a brand, to follow the community from the sidelines and to adapt research questions based on what is said in the community. As a result, you can expect in-depth customer feedback that adds important value to the large amounts of consumer data.

‍Play around

While brand loyalty measurement may sound like another technical method to gather consumer data, it’s actually not. Online tooling is a great way to implement qualitative methods to your research projects. CMNTY offers a mixed-method platform where you can easily measure your customers’ loyalty by creating a thriving online community. One of the strengths of online platforms is that you can play around and be creative. CMNTY Platform features a lot of different ways to conduct your qualitative research in a more creative way. It is also a fun way to think outside of the box and create tasks that will definitely gain you a lot of valuable insights as well as useful marketing content. 

Curious how your brand can benefit from using customer loyalty program? Schedule a CMNTY Platform demo here

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