The new MarketResponse offers the perfect synergy between human expertise and innovative technology


Market research, data analysis and marketing are today completely intertwined. It then comes down to the symbiosis between human expertise and innovative technology to take full advantage of innovative research software and marketing automation. For this reason, the companies MarketResponse, marketing data specialist 4orange and software developer CMNTY are merged.

The resulting renewed MarketResponse has 70 specialists and operates from Utrecht, Amsterdam and New York. In this way, MarketResponse anticipates new demands and wishes from clients, says CEO Jorgen Botermans. “The future of our field is internationalisation and digitalisation, with speed and efficiency for the client as a natural starting point. We achieve this by making our expertise available digitally and in an integrated way. Clients can now access it anytime, anywhere. The market is changing because of the enormous automation taking place and we are changing with it. In that sense, our organisational adaptation is an evolution, not a revolution,” says Botermans.

Do it yourself and do it together

The MarketResponse CEO has identified another trend on which his new organization can capitalize. “Now that third-party cookies on websites are being phased out in 2023, many companies feel the need to really listen to their customers again and map their needs. We offer our clients access to more technology and types of data, so they can continue to organize their customer journeys optimally. In so doing, we are catering to our clients who also want to conduct research themselves quickly. We offer a great combination of do it yourself and do it together. User-friendly tooling and an expert whom you can call in when you need enrichment, analysis, interpretation and insights.”

Truly understanding people

Digitalization and globalization thus play a major part in the method and market approach, but the essence of the company’s service is still very much the same as 35 years ago, when MarketResponse was founded. “We help our clients to truly understand people. Whether they are consumers, citizens, or employees, you can only really have a meaningful impact on their lives if you understand why they do what they do, what are their motives, why they reject some things and embrace others. These insights offer added value. They help clients offer customized service and added value to their target audience. While we have much more data and technology at our disposal than we had 30 years ago, the essence has remained unchanged. We reveal the people behind the data, as explained in our guiding principle, Understanding today, shaping tomorrow.”

A strategic partner

MarketResponse has the ambition to grow locally and globally under the new structure. “By offering clients one platform that combines the different software components. We continue to further develop our services, to offer clients an integrated, full-service approach, taking the burden off their shoulders. Thanks to our holistic, integrated solution, we are a serious strategic partner for boardrooms, where all questions are traditionally discussed. Questions about growth, but also how to use your marketing spend as efficiently as possible to achieve this growth.”