Apps for market research


Conducting your research online with online marketing tools is gaining popularity. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since the advantages of mobile responsive apps are undeniable. But how do you choose the right research partner and how do you pick the best market research apps out there?

Set your online research goals

Are your online research goals different from your offline ones? Part of choosing the right research software for market research is to detect those online goals. It’s the best way to decide which tools you’ll need to get the most out of your online research. Once you’ve determined that, you can start comparing market research automation software and choose the right platform. 

Mobile first design

Software development is booming in market research, partly because online tooling is time efficient for both researchers and participants. People can participate in research projects at their preferred time and place. Since hybrid ways of working are now embedded in our post-pandemic lives, it’s important to choose the best market research apps with a mobile first approach. Organizing a online focus group software from home with participants from all over the world logging in on mobile or desktop? Yes, please!

apps for market research

Quantitative or qualitative online research? 

Are you in need of tooling that organizes both qualitative and quantitative or will you focus on just one research method? Every type of market research automation software has its own characteristics and highlights a different feature. Combine tools and methods to get the most out of your research projects. Use surveys while building a fan community or let participants compete in an ideation challenge… The possibilities are endless when you start using apps for your market research!

In-depth insights

It is a misunderstanding that you need to have in-person conversations with participants to get useful insights. Market research automation software offers the best tooling to gather invaluable data. Most tooling is made to be time efficient allowing researchers to focus on gathering useful consumer information instead of doing manual tasks. Go for platforms and apps where you can easily organize ihuts (in-home use tests) for a longer period of time. This results in rich, in-depth insights on consumer behavior and product development. With their advanced technology it’s easier than ever to highlight important topics and comments on online tooling. Thanks to apps for market research, respondents can upload videos, take photographs and engage with each other. Creating a thriving community was never easier!

Flexible licenses

Another important reason for the rise of development market research software is the beneficial pricing. With most platforms, you can start research projects whenever you need with fewer resources. Different research goals also means different pricing. Are you planning on organizing an online focus group just once or do you plan on building a thriving community with your consumers? Compare licenses of the best market research apps thoroughly to see what fits your projects best.

CMNTY Platform demo

CMNTY Platform is a mobile responsive mixed-method research solution offering quantitative and qualitative methods as well as focus groups or IDI’s. CMNTY offers different features at a competitive pricing. Conduct your primary research with flexible licenses to meet your hybrid way of working. CMNTY takes pride in being your personal assistant throughout any of your research projects. You can license CMNTY Platform for exactly the duration of time needed to get the most out of your project. If you want to commit long-term, you can easily adapt your license. Your research, your choice!