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The benefits of embracing mixed-method research


Do you really know what your customers are thinking? When developing new products, strategies, and campaigns, you need the insights provided by qualitative research but with enough scale to ensure relevance to all customers and markets. The solution? Mixed-method research.

Mixed-method research enables companies to combine qualitative techniques with statistical data to make results more relevant and explorative. The result is better, faster, and more informed decision-making for organizations of all sizes and sectors.

What is mixed-method research?

Put simply, mixed-method research is the strategic integration of quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Mixed-method research enables companies to benefit from the insights and advantages of both these techniques. There are several mixed-method strategies businesses can use:

  • Start with a quantitative survey, with findings later enriched by a qualitative study.
  • Use qualitative research to refine the questions for a future quantitative survey.
  • Simultaneously run qualitative and quantitative research projects to facilitate rapid data analysis.

It sounds expensive, but online community platforms such as CMNTY are an ideal tool for conducting mixed-method research as they offer a range of research activities such as surveys, polls, discussion forums, and focus groups.

CMNTY reduces costs by providing access to an engaged, informed, and relevant audience ready and waiting to get involved in research. They enable leaders to define their perfect research mix to generate the information they require to act.

More and more businesses are choosing to adopt a mixed-method approach to research. Here are four key benefits:

Benefit #1 – Cost-effectiveness: Traditional qualitative research methods often come with a hefty price tag, creating a barrier for organizations with limited budgets. Online community platforms such as those used by CMNTY offer a cost-effective alternative. By operating 100% online and eliminating the need to be present, it can dramatically reduce research costs. As a result, online platforms are making qualitative research accessible even to budget-conscious businesses.

Benefit #2 – Speed: Making quick decisions is crucial. Online community platforms facilitate rapid data collection, enabling businesses to stay agile and responsive. Mixed-method research’s dual approach provides immediate results and comprehensive insights that allow organizations to make timely, data-driven decisions.

Benefit #3 – Access to a diverse audience: Online community platforms provide access to a broad and diverse audience. Traditional research (or research organizations) can struggle to access specific demographics, but online platforms break down these barriers. Whether your target audience is spread across different geographical locations or represents a specific niche, online community platforms can help create critical connections.

Benefit #4 – Flexibility: Every research project or problem is unique and requires a tailored approach. Online community platforms enable you to design research solutions suited to each challenge. Whether you want to begin with a quantitative survey followed by a qualitative study (Quant > Qual); start with qualitative research to refine a quantitative survey (Qual > Quant); or conduct both simultaneously, mixed-method research through CMNTY offers unparalleled flexibility.

Providing the complete picture

Mixed-method research leverages quantitative and qualitative research strengths, providing leaders with a comprehensive, nuanced understanding of their target audience.

To make the best business decisions, you must understand the individual motivations of customers, coupled with the data to back up these insights. CMNTY is a powerful platform that provides the tools you need to design and deliver mixed-method research projects – giving you and your organization the complete picture.

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Dirk van Gameren
Sales Manager

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