How to improve your Corporate Sustainability Strategy? Here's How to Engage Your Employees and External Stakeholders


More than half of all organizations implement sustainability through a sustainability strategy, and a quarter of all organizations is turning sustainability into a core topic or even pillar of strategy (according to Berenschot Strategy Research Trendresearch 2023).

The reasons that sustainability strategy is being increasingly discussed in the boardrooms lies in more consumers and working force advocating importance of sustainability and also EU legislation CSDR (Corporate Social Reporting Directive). Organizations have to report about their social impact, determine which SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) or materiality themes need to be achieved, and by when. They can engage with stakeholders about which elements they think are most important. These external stakeholders can be clients, suppliers, corporate stakeholders, government, NGOs and employees.

Are you exploring ways to effectively engage more with your stakeholders to further improve your corporate sustainability performance, increase awareness, make sure they feel heard, involve them in the process and gather even more insights of what they consider important?
This blog will focus on how you can drive this engagement with your stakeholders online via surveys, forum discussions and focus group sessions.

Engaging External Stakeholders and Your Employees

Engaging external stakeholders is equally important for developing effective sustainability strategies. Companies can use surveys, forum discussions, focus groups, and interviews to solicit stakeholder feedback and input to understand their sustainability concerns and priorities better.

This information can help companies develop more effective sustainability strategies, build trust and credibility with stakeholders, and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Employees are the backbone of any company, and businesses need their engagement to operate effectively. Companies with high employee engagement are 21% more profitable, making investing in employee engagement strategies imperative. Improving employee engagement involves researching gaps, open up for new ideas and best practices and creating a robust strategy based on the findings. This strategy should include targeted communication, benefits, and engagement techniques to improve employee engagement rates.

The question is how to achieve engaging two-way conversations with your stakeholders, and how do you generate more (supported) ideas? This is where the CMNTY Platform excels.

Optimizing Sustainability Strategies with CMNTY Software

The CMNTY Platform is an all-in-one solution for qualitative research, including participant recruitment, data collection, enrichment, analysis, and focus group development. It is fully customizable, allowing companies to create a unique and engaging experience that aligns with their brand.
The CMNTY Platform improves transparency by enabling companies to share information about their sustainability efforts with stakeholders and provides input for strategy development, thereby building trust and credibility.
MarketResponse provides expert guidance on developing effective stakeholder engagement methods to improve your sustainability strategy and performance.

Research Methods

The CMNTY Platform supports various research methods, including focus groups, in-depth interviews, heatmaps, and mood boards. Companies can switch flexibly between these methods, depending on their research needs.
This flexibility allows companies to gather qualitative data efficiently, helping to optimize sustainability strategies. If you want know exactly what your (stakeholders and esp.) employees find important and demand from your company and how to engage them the CMNTY Platform can help.
It’s an all-in-one solution that can optimize your sustainability strategies and take your company’s sustainability performance to the next level. So, don’t hesitate to take the first step and try the CMNTY Platform.