MarketResponse acquires CX specialist Underlined


MarketResponse is acquiring customer experience specialist Underlined from Broad Horizon. This acquisition strengthens MarketResponse’s leading position as a customer experience specialist in the Dutch and international markets.

Underlined offers a unique CX data platform that provides organizations with visibility and insight into their performance across the customer journey and conversations with customers. Many leading B2C companies already use Underlined to continuously monitor their customers’ customer experience and make adjustments where necessary to achieve greater customer loyalty and more revenue at the bottom line.

Jorgen Botermans, CEO of MarketResponse: “This acquisition fits into MarketResponse’s strategy to grow into an international full-service provider in the field of continuous insights-driven marketing. This is increasingly becoming a primary business process for companies that put the customer experience first. We make this happen with an optimal symbiosis between human expertise and innovative technology. Underlined fits this perfectly.”

Jean-Yves Charlier, CEO of Broad Horizon: “We felt it was important for Underlined’s future that the company be part of a larger ecosystem with a full focus on customer experience. We found that in MarketResponse.”

Theo van der Steen, founder of Underlined: “Underlined has established a strong position at a time when the customer journey has become the starting point for survival in highly competitive markets. Now that we become part of MarketResponse, we become part of a full-service proposition and can make even more of a difference for our clients. This also offers tremendous opportunities for our people and personally I look forward to contributing to the further growth of MarketResponse as CTO.”

Underlined by MarketResponse

The Underlined company will be fully integrated into MarketResponse. The Underlined and ROCX’R brand names will remain for the CX platform with the addition by MarketResponse. This is in line with the product portfolio in the area of data tooling and research software.