How to conduct inclusive research


Market research changes at the speed of sound, one of the biggest trends to consider is conducting inclusive research. ESG, an abbreviation often used to describe environmental, social and governance, is rapidly becoming an essential and integral part of running a brand or business. It is needless to say that inclusivity should be embedded in every business going from hiring new people to marketing new products.  

Inclusivity in research projects

Unfortunately, in the past, target audiences, research projects and marketing campaigns haven’t always been inclusive enough. Brands and businesses simply have to do better. It’s important to include a diverse range of participants which are a realistic representation of our society.  

Online tooling can be a great asset to become more inclusive. Here’s why:  

1. Diverse groups of people  

Online market research tools allow researchers to select a diverse group of people. The flexibility of tooling results in research projects where participants can answer questions in their own time frame from all over the world. Researchers are not limited in time and space which naturally attracts a more diverse research population.  

2. Inclusive community building 

Being an inclusive brand goes further than ethnicity and race alone. As a researcher it’s also important to get the voices heard of people with disabilities, people of LGBTQIA+ communities, as well as participants of all ages, colors and socioeconomic backgrounds…Platforms provide researchers with software to build a thriving community where all groups are equally represented. As Angelfish states: “there’s no single image of what a typical customer looks like. The population is so diverse, and in today’s world, it’s more important than ever to make sure your brands’ campaigns resonate with everyone, no matter who they are.”  Start implementing online market research software today to implement an inclusive strategy that speaks to everybody.  

3. Improve cultural understanding  

Engaging with your consumers is proven to be a great way to understand consumer needs and to gain multicultural and inclusive insights. A lack of cultural awareness is simply not done, you have to be willing to keep growing as a brand. Start a meaningful conversation online and implement an honest and transparent business strategy. Build an online community to gain multicultural insights which you can implement in your entire company and brand culture.  

It’s time to take action and start implementing an inclusive marketing strategy and company culture. CMNTY Platform is a user-friendly and flexible solution with multiple features to take the first, vital steps to become an honest and diverse brand. The platform combines all the tools you need to build a thriving community with your inclusive target audience. Engage with your participants on important topics through the forum, questionnaire, journal or plan an online focus session. You can even mix qualitative and quantitative research to get all the crucial information you need from your consumers.  

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