How do you help your customers make more sustainable choices?


More than half of consumers take sustainability into consideration when purchasing services and products. This group is growing steadily. This relationship between sustainability and consumer behaviour is valuable for brands and companies. How do you engage in this or even become a frontrunner?

The ‘conscious’ consumer is a large target market. As a company and brand, how can you help consumers make more sustainable choices? Is sustainable thinking the same as sustainable acting?

The do’s, don’ts & dilemmas of green marketing

Worldwide, there are already some 2 billion ‘conscious’ consumers. In the Netherlands, sustainability is also an important and pressing issue for a majority of adults. Nevertheless, it is apparent that the frequently higher price of sustainable products can still be a significant barrier.

In the whitepaper ‘Exactly how much sustainability do you want?‘, we look at increasing sustainability awareness and how this is leading to shifts in consumer behaviour. We also discuss the do’s, dont’s & dilemmas of ‘green marketing’.

  • Does an economic recession affect sustainability behaviour?
  • Are added costs too high a threshold?
  • Is there a difference between generation Z, millennials, generation X and baby boomers?
  • How do you steer clear of green washing?
  • Can you find the balance between evidence and your brand message?

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