Closer to customers – why qualitative research is going virtual


We know your brand is drowning in data. You’ve got millions of lines of information from CRMs, stores, POS, DIY surveys, and social media analytics, but is it telling you what you need to know? Qualitative research is critical to understanding what your customers want, but it’s eye-wateringly expensive, right? Wrong.

Online qualitative research solutions like CMNTY offer a cost-effective way to capture vital views and opinions, enabling you to engage customers in a constant dialogue. In a world where competition is increasing, CMNTY can keep you closer to your customers than ever before – at a price you can afford.

Redefining qualitative research

Traditional focus groups and interviews are powerful, but they can eat into profits. They’re time-consuming, complex, and costly – and you often wait months for answers and insights.

It’s not the only problem. Outsourcing qualitative research removes brands from the process. But unless you’re involved in every focus group, can you trust what you hear? The solution is to do-it-yourself.

CMNTY provides brands and businesses of all sizes with the tools they need to build, manage, and engage an online community. Instead of relying on external agencies to select participants for your focus groups, you have total control. You can build focus groups with people you want to engage – not those cherry-picked by an agency.

Once on-boarded, CMNTY is an all-in-one solution for focus group management, including data collection, enrichment, and analysis. The solution enables you to communicate and collaborate, engaging in a dialogue and working together on heatmaps and mood boards.

When your focus groups have finished, you can rapidly process insights into compelling presentations for brand leaders and board members.

Culture of co-creation

Successful brands take their customers on a journey, listening to and learning from them. They work together to iterate and improve marketing messaging, promotions, products, and services.
CMNTY can power this process, known as co-creation, enabling brands to work faster and smarter with their customers.

Brand owners like you can actively target and engage your audience. Want to A/B test a new product design or creative treatment? Need to road-test an edgy new creative direction? CMNTY makes it easier than ever to shape focus groups around your requirements, customers, and needs.

Online focus groups reduce the burden on participants – allowing them to engage in the process around their lifestyle. The result is better engagement and more authentic insights. This validation can give you the confidence that you’re making the best choices for your brand.

Total control

The reality is that research is often the first budget brands look to cut when things get tight – but you’re removing a crucial connection with your customers.

Instead of outsourcing to expensive agencies, CMNTY provides you with the confidence and capability to develop and deliver qualitative research for your business. CMNTY’s simple license structure offers a comprehensive solution for one cost.

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