Add color to your data


Starting a new research project, but feeling lost and overwhelmed by the amount of collectable data and research methods? We feel you! Data is everywhere. You know where your customer lives or what kind of shoes they’re wearing. You probably even know how many times they’ve added those gorgeous boots to their cart before actually buying them. But data only gets you that far, what is your customer really thinking? And more importantly, how do they truly feel about your brand?

An insights match made in heaven.

It’s safe to say you’ll need some qual insights to dig deeper into all of this colorless data. Did you know it’s easy to build online fanbase groups and communities to get more out of qualitative research? You can effortlessly organize your own insights communities with brand ambassadors who are ready to engage at all times. Participants can hop on and off online platforms whenever they feel like they want to share something with you. 

Combining your quantitative market research with some in-depth human input really helps you to understand your target audience. But how do you start and what’s the best way to organize your research? Do you need a market research agency or are you going to use online insight tools? Here’s the shocking truth: you might need both! 

Both? Yes! Your brand will grow from combining technology and expert advice. A hybrid approach is shaping the future of market research giving brands the flexibility to organize their research project how it fits best. Research agencies have the useful skills, experience and methods to help your brand understand the value of human insights. And online research tools allow you to add color and depth to an endless stream of data. Combine both to create the most outstanding marketing strategies. Isn’t that what we all want?

The strength of Do it Together tools.

Dive deeper into your data research with online insights communities. Often powered by Artificial Intelligence technologies, they allow you to translate clean and abstract numbers into valuable behavioral insights. It’s also easy to review and manage data without having to do any manual conversion which you would typically do with classic research methods. This means you can focus on what really matters: connecting and engaging with your target audience anytime or everywhere you want. 

This agile approach enables you to maintain and strenghten ongoing, continuous collaborations with your consumers. Talk about a win-win situation! Even though online tools are cost-efficient, fast and easy to use, analyzing insights still requires the right expertise and knowledge. Join forces with market research agencies to transform your results into gold.

Dig deeper with CMNTY Platform.

Your project will benefit from an affordable and immediate solution which will allow you to grow long term at your brand’s own pace. CMNTY Platform might be your knight in shining armor or should we say shining insights? Our tool is DIY-built, but we like to Do-It-Together. We believe your research benefits from having a market research expert by your side. Prefer to take matters into your own hands? We also offer professional services at a competitive price to support your research. No matter what you choose, CMNTY Platform is there every step of the way. We want to be your personal assistant throughout any of your research projects. You can license CMNTY Platform for exactly the duration of time needed to get the most out of your project. If you want to commit long-term, we can easily adapt your license. Your research, your choice!