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Customer Experience (CX)

A customer relationship is an experience. Especially for your customers. How do they move through your organization and what do they experience during their customer journey? Are they happy with this? Where do you score well, where do things go wrong? How can you make your customers even happier and increase their loyalty? How can you make sure that they stay with you, make more purchases and recommend you?

Customer loyalty is all about customer binding and customer retention. It is crucial that you know how you can demonstrably strengthen your relationship with your customer. We know where you can make the difference, which interactions are crucial for winning, retaining or ‘upgrading’ customers. We help you with a customer retention software to turn your customers into genuine ambassadors and fans of your brand.

The moments of truth

You need to be there for your customer during the moment of truth on this customer journey. This requires your organization to be sufficiently customer-aware. Strengthening the customer relationship means working on customer awareness. With our customer experience (CX) research we can provide you with insights into your organization’s customer experience and customer orientation. This gives you access to a wealth of information for communication, innovation and the organization of customer processes. Ultimately this results in happy, satisfied customers as well as more turnover and growth for your organization.

Customer experience today

The 7 golden rules for CX that differentiates you from your competitors. Download de whitepaper ‘Xceptionals’.


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What is your customer’s experience? Where can you make improvements?

If your organization wants to put the customer first, you will need an insight into every aspect of the customer experience. We can help you map and improve the conscious and unconscious experiences of your current customers with (a combination of) CX products, targeted advice, support and workshops.

Customer experience

Find out what your customers experiences during the orientation, purchase, service and contact stages. Conduct customer satisfaction surveys, collect continuous feedback, gain an insight into where you are getting it right and where you can do better. Read more.

Customer Journey Mapping

Create a very specific mapping of the moments of truth during the customer journey. Read more.

Becoming Xceptional

These days, a good product and price are no longer sufficient to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Organizations with an exceptional customer experience (CX) and a sustainable experience (SX) are the winners of tomorrow. They are the Xceptionals. Read more.

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