CMNTY Research methods

The CMNTY platform allows you to apply various methods needed for qualitative research. What research methods there are you will find below:

  • Focus groups: use the qualitative analysis tool to manage your focus groups and supervise your research projects. You improve the results with your moderation tools and automated transcription.
  • In-depth interviews (IDIs): use individual interviews to find out more about people’s opinion on specific ideas or situations.
  • Ethnographic research: discover your potential for product innovation with insights into behavior and interactions.
  • Insight communities: interact with your participants, who (can) participate in several research projects, in a closed system environment.
  • Journal: create journal to do’s, to get feedback from participants on core areas.
  • Co-creation: develop new concepts, solutions, products and services together.
  • In-the-moment research: collect information in the same instant that the consumer experiences the product or service.
  • Concept testing: evaluate consumer feedback about a new product or idea before market launch.
  • In-home user testing (ihut): have consumers test your product or service at home.
  • Product and concept development: the entire process that leads up to a product, including the identification of the need, the concept and the design.
  • User experience testing: determine how a website can communicate with visitors for maximum results.
  • Customer journey research: discover unique opportunities based on a good understanding of customer experiences.

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