You can reach, intrigue,
bind, and retain customers with lifestyle segmentation

BSR customization

As an organization or marketing professional, you rely on your (new) customers for your survival. Which is why you want to offer your customers the best possible service. With good products, excellent service and great prices. But the communication you use to reach and convince your customers is just as important. Including the right rational and emotional information. With the right offer, at the right time, for the right customers. Customer segmentation plays an instrumental role in this. With BSR customization by MarketResponse, you can effectively respond to the various motives that drive your customers.

As lifestyle segmentation specialists, we developed the unique BSR (Brand Strategy Research) lifestyle model. Combining your customer data with a lifestyle segmentation that was specifically developed for you. To map exactly what your current customer groups and defined new customer groups need. Thanks to our expertise and method, you can target your offer and marketing and communication to match your customers’ expectations and wishes.

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