How do you achieve
desired behavior when
tackling societal issues?

BSR Behavioral change

Behavioral change is an important aspect of the solution if you want to effectively tackle societal issues. This includes achieving sustainable mobility, climate change or the energy transition that we are currently making.

Such far-reaching societal issues require a policy that is geared towards different target groups with tailor-made communication. This is especially true if you want to reach the young generation. But also if you want to achieve behavioral change among the no so young generations. But you’ll need more than a policy based on target groups and tailor-made communication. To achieve demonstrable behavioral change, you firstly need to have an insight into the principles of behavioral change. You also need data, including data for lifestyle segmentation.

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Read the Trend Report on ‘Sustainable mobility and behavioral change’. Find out how behavioral change stimulates sustainable mobility among employees or residents.

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Achieving your policy goals sooner

We implement a structured, multidimensional way of working, combining insights from behavioral science with our knowledge of the BSR lifestyles and the underlying models. As a result, we know better than anyone else how people in different lifestyles respond to interventions and communication about this. You achieve two goals with these interventions. They help you develop and implement a new strategic and operational policy. But they also accelerate the desired changes you want to see.

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