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Segmentation of households

As a marketing professional you are assumed to have somewhat of an insight into Dutch households. Somewhat. But you also know all too well that there is no such thing as the quintessential Dutch household. And that there are more and more differences between and even within households. In fact, every household is truly unique. At the same time, there are also many similarities in characteristics, behaviors, preferences and lifestyle. We are experts in the segmentation of households into lifestyles.

Unique combination of Personicx and BSR segmentation

Because Dutch society is constantly evolving, MarketResponse launched a new segmentation system in 2022. This is a clever combination of our unique Personicx and BSR segmentation systems. As a result, all 8.1 million households in the Netherlands are subdivided into nine household segments. At MarketResponse, we call those nine segments Omniportraits. They are composed based on their lifestyle type and their sociodemographic and psychographic characteristics. The result is simply astonishing. We are now able to identify and approach customers in an even more targeted and suitable manner than before.

Privacy and data security

We offer these unique insights fully in line with applicable codes of conduct and legislation. At MarketResponse, we value consumer privacy and the security of their data. We therefore strictly adhere to international laws and codes of conduct when processing and storing data, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) and the ESOMAR Code of Conduct. In addition, we are a Fair Data company. This means that we subscribe to the ten basic principles of the Fair Data Privacy Code. In addition, MarketResponse is ISO 27001:2017 certified. We maintain an information security policy in accordance with this security standard.

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