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The largest B2C database of the Netherlands

Everything revolves around consumers for companies and marketing professionals. Customers can make or break your success. But do you know who your customers are? What drives then? Or what they need? Now and in the future? The data creatives at MarketResponse understand what consumers think, do, feel and want. And what really motivates them. Because we have a lot of knowledge and expertise on the one hand, but also and in particular because we combine the right B2C Data with data science. Creating opportunities for your business. Because this allows you to approach your customers in a targeted, personalized way.

Data and unique insights from 8.1 million Dutch households

With our specialized data solutions, you get more out of your own data and systems. Our data creatives enrich, analyze, and segment your data, with advanced databases, so you get a clear picture of your target audiences. We have developed unique solutions for this, such as the Omniportraits segmentation system and the Infobase NL database. These gives you an insight into all 8.1 million households in the Netherlands.

Privacy and data security

We offer these unique insights fully in line with applicable codes of conduct and legislation. At MarketResponse, we value consumer privacy and the security of their data. We therefore strictly adhere to international laws and codes of conduct when processing and storing data, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GPDR) and the ESOMAR Code of Conduct. In addition, we are a Fair Data company. This means that we subscribe to the ten basic principles of the Fair Data Privacy Code. In addition, MarketResponse is ISO 27001:2017 certified. We maintain an information security policy in accordance with this security standard.

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