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The CMNTY platform has unprecedented features and functions for recruiting participants. Some of these features include:

  • Focus: video options and functionality, enabling you to take your market research online to the next level: video streams, whiteboard, group chat, automated storage of recordings.
  • Talk forum: stimulating contact, discussion and response functionality.
  • Co-creation: crowdsourcing for additional innovation, ideas and co-creation with participants.
  • Chat: direct communication with (all) participants.
  • Journal: an insight into the private lives of participants (GDPR-proof)
  • Questionnaire: advanced market research online survey solution for the collection and real-time analysis of quantitative and qualitative information about participants.
  • Recruitment: functionality to invite millions of people to participate in your research.
  • Blog: communication with participants during long-term projects.
  • Visual – MoodBoard: visual representation of people’s feelings on a topic.
  • Visual – HeatMap: participants’ evaluation of visual stimuli with positive or negative markers and the option to comment.
  • Visual – Sentiment analysis: automated sentiment analysis to identify the affective states of your respondents.
  • Completion – To do list: tool to assign tasks and content to participants and monitor completion percentages in real-time.
  • Completion – Gamification: participants can earn ‘prizes’ (rewards) during long-term projects for extra engagement, loyalty and motivation.
  • Completion – Completion matrix: helicopter view of the details and progress of your research.
  • Data analysis – Data export: to export your collected data to frequently used analysis solutions such as SPSS, MS Excel or another tool.

Download the brochure

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