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Unlocking Insights with CMNTY


Competitive Edge Research & Communication, Inc., a leading research firm, embarked on a series of focus groups to understand voters’ perspectives on national issues using the CMNTY platform.

About CERC – A pioneering survey research firm

Competitive Edge Research & Communication (CERC), established in 1987, is a survey research firm specializing in political and public affairs research. Led by John Nienstedt, the President and Chief Analyst, CERC is renowned for its insightful focus groups and in-depth analysis.

With a competitive edge that distinguishes them in the industry, CERC delves into political spaces while also engaging in non-political commercial work.

The challenge

In 2021, CERC embarked on a series of focus groups to understand voters’ perspectives on national issues, presenting a unique set of challenges.

Exploring sensitive topics required a careful and guided approach, allowing participants to express their thoughts authentically.

CERC aimed to capture genuine reactions, mirroring the natural flow of in-person focus groups.

The CMNTY solution

CERC’s collaboration with the CMNTY platform’s MarketResponse group commenced in mid-2021, driven by the platform’s ability to strike a balance between professional support and user autonomy.

The focus group process involved four sessions over two nights, a preferred method enabling CERC to review results from the first night before progressing to the second. The CMNTY team was pivotal in ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.

The ability to conduct nationwide focus groups without the constraints of geographical limitations emerged as a key advantage.

John highlighted the importance of engaging participants from diverse locations, a feat easily accomplished through CMNTY’s platform.

The results

By leveraging CMNTY’s platform, CERC achieved efficient data collection without sacrificing the depth of insights obtained from traditional in-person focus groups.

The ability to seamlessly link survey tools to focus sessions enhanced the depth of analysis, providing a comprehensive understanding of participants’ perspectives on political issues.

The platform’s strength in providing quality recordings and the flexibility to navigate within the video were acknowledged as valuable assets.

Participant experiences

CERC’s focus groups, conducted through CMNTY’s platform, provided participants with a unique and engaging experience.

The ability to interact with fellow participants and moderators, mirroring an in-person setting, allowed for dynamic discussions on a stable platform.

Participants’ feedback indicated satisfaction with the platform’s unobtrusive nature, allowing them to focus on the discussion rather than grappling with the technology.

What sets CMNTY apart?

CMNTY’s standout quality, according to John, is the personalized attention and rapport established with the MarketResponse team.

This extends beyond mere platform usage; it reflects a commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of CERC’s projects.

John emphasized the calm influence and clear communication exhibited by the CMNTY team, traits that set them apart from other firms.

Moreover, the platform’s user-friendly design resonated with CERC’s preference for seamless tool integration into their workflow.

John appreciated that the platform, allowed the CERC team to focus on the essence of the research rather than getting bogged down by technical intricacies.

“We like working with CMNTY because they provide the professional support needed for project success while allowing us to handle almost everything else. The personal attention and clear ability to make things work, coupled with a calm influence, set CMNTY apart. It’s not just a platform; it’s a partnership where we feel heard and understood.” – John, President and Chief Analyst, CERC.

Future possibilities

As CERC’s collaboration with CMNTY progresses, John envisions leveraging the platform beyond research.

He explores the possibility of gathering concise video testimonials from clients, presenting a valuable addition to CMNTY’s offerings for seamless client feedback.

This forward-looking approach demonstrates CMNTY’s adaptability to meet the evolving demands of the dynamic research landscape.

For recent projects, CERC has enhanced the tech-check process by running them solely on CMNTY Platform to ensure smooth sessions and reduce potential disruptions, aligning with CERC’s evolving requirements. The prospect of deeper integration into CERC’s research workflow underscores CMNTY’s flexibility and utility.

CERC’s partnership with CMNTY exemplifies the successful integration of innovative technology with traditional research practices. The platform’s ability to adapt to the nuanced needs of a seasoned research firm underscores its versatility and effectiveness in enhancing the research experience.

Discover the power of seamless collaboration, innovative features, and unparalleled flexibility in research.

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