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Procedes du 8's using CMNTY for Product Testing at home!


Procedes du 8, a French market research firm, embarked on qualitative research to collect insights on various hygiene product aspects, such as packaging usability and fragrance efficacy, from participants dispersed across different locations and with different schedules.

About Procedes du 8

Procedes du 8, founded in 2023 by Marie Cheneval, specializes in international qualitative research and UX design in the Beauty, Hygiene, Toiletries, Publishing, and Consumer goods.

Procedes du 8 is adept at conducting a wide range of qualitative research methods. These include face-to-face interviews, consumer groups, co-creation groups, and product testing, demonstrating their comprehensive capabilities in the field.

The challenges

The first project focused on examining the effectiveness of shower gel packaging rather than the product itself. The objective was to gather insights from women at home. The focus was on the practicality and resilience of the shower gel packaging over an extended period.

The subsequent project revolved around night creams, specifically evaluating various fragrances incorporated into each cream. Participants were tasked with using the night creams daily and providing feedback on their impressions of each fragrance. The research sought to assess the perceived effectiveness and allure of the different fragrances, along with the overall consumer experience associated with the creams.

The CMNTY solution

After experiencing difficulties with previous community tools, Procedes du 8 found a solution in CMNTY Platform.

Procedes du 8 emphasizes the importance of finding a reliable online community tool for their research needs. CMNTY stood out for its user-friendliness, responsiveness, and effectiveness in managing research projects.

They found CMNTY easier to use and more visually appealing than their previous tool, which had issues like data loss and difficulty typing answers.

The process

Procedes du 8 employed varied recruitment criteria and partners tailored to each study’s nature during their research endeavors. Participants needed to demonstrate eco-conscious behaviors for the shower gel investigation, with some engaged in basic waste sorting.

Conversely, the night cream study required participants to meet specific criteria, such as using designated brands and experiencing minor sleep issues.

Procedes du 8 received products from their clients, like shower gels and night creams, which were subsequently dispatched to participants. In the case of the shower gel study, products were distributed following face-to-face interviews, whereas for the night cream study, products were mailed directly to participants’ addresses.

Participant experiences

Transitioning to an online platform allowed Procedes du 8 to leverage participants’ familiarity with social media for online communication.

Participants were accustomed to engaging with online communities, which made it easier for them to provide detailed and thoughtful responses to research questions.

Additionally, having previously met the participants in person, Procedes du 8 had already established relationship with them, facilitating smoother interactions in the online community.

The flexibility of an online platform also appealed to Procedes du 8 and their participants. Participants could respond to research activities at their convenience, whether immediately after using a product or at a later time that suited them. This flexibility eliminated the need for scheduled appointments and allowed participants to provide feedback in real-time from the comfort of their homes.

Procedes du 8 expressed appreciation for the features and usability of the online community platform, highlighting its clarity and ease of use. They found the platform intuitive and were able to set up research activities independently, thanks to clear tutorials and explanations provided by the platform.

The transition from offline to online research, facilitated by an online community or insights community, was prompted by various factors for Procedes du 8. Primarily, conducting offline research with a larger participant pool would have proven time-intensive and inefficient. Managing interactions with 12 to 18 individuals in-person would have demanded considerable time and resources.

Overall, Procedes du 8 was satisfied with their decision to switch to online research and found the online community platform to be a valuable tool for their research needs.

The results

Thanks to the organization and clarity of the online community platform, participants could engage effectively and provide thorough responses without feeling fatigued. This contributed to the success of the research projects, yielding valuable results.

The initial focus of the night cream study was assessing the appeal of different fragrances. Through the community platform, researchers discovered a significant difference in the perceived efficacy of the creams associated with each fragrance. The study yielded an unexpected finding that underscored the substantial impact of fragrance on participants’ perception of the cream’s effectiveness. This factor, which had not been anticipated initially, could have significant implications for marketing and product development.

The participants’ feedback in the online community proved to be a rich source of data that significantly influenced our understanding of the product.

This insight, made possible by the platform, could potentially shape our future marketing and product development strategies.

What sets CMNTY apart?

The impact of using an online community for research is multifaceted and beneficial for all stakeholders involved. For researchers like Procedes du 8, utilizing the CMNTY platform ensures that data is securely recorded and accessible only to authorized personnel, addressing concerns around data protection regulations such as GDPR. This provides reassurance to clients who prioritize data security and compliance.

Furthermore, the online community facilitates active participant engagement throughout the research process, allowing them to remain involved and provide detailed feedback. This engagement leads to more precise and comprehensive data collection, enhancing the quality of insights generated from the research.

Additionally, the CMNTY platform’s flexibility and versatility enable researchers to conduct various research activities beyond traditional surveys or interviews. Features like focus sessions, whiteboard collaboration, and video and screen sharing offer dynamic and interactive research session opportunities. These solutions enrich the research experience for participants and enable researchers to gather diverse types of data and insights efficiently.

Overall, using an online community platform like CMNTY represented a win-win scenario for researchers, participants, and clients. It streamlines the research process, enhances participant engagement, ensures data security and compliance, and offers innovative tools for conducting research activities effectively.

Procedes du 8’s adoption of the CMNTY solution revolutionized their research approach. Overcoming challenges in recruitment, participant engagement, and data management, CMNTY proved indispensable in streamlining processes and unlocking valuable insights.

Its user-friendly interface, responsiveness, and security features enabled Procedes du 8 to conduct research efficiently and effectively, marking a significant milestone in its journey toward impactful research outcomes.

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