CMNTY possibilities for self-employed researchers

The market research platform for self-employed researchers

As a self-employed researcher, you can achieve the same research results as a large marketing research agency thanks to the CMNTY Platform. What’s more, it’s also highly affordable.

Our CMNTY Platform is cost-effective and easy to deploy. Moreover, you can easily put together your own panel or focus group with your integrated recruitment solution. You conduct your research, collect and analyze the data, and present the results. Exceeding expectations. Within the required time frame and budget.

As a self-employed researcher, you have various challenges to contend with. That is why we’re always on hand to provide support. As a user of the CMNTY Platform, we consider you to be a partner. We are happy to assist you with your growth opportunities. Professional researchers can join our network of professionals, with access to even more jobs and projects.

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